December 5, 2009

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Ralf is in California. The girls are with their grandparents.


It often surprises people to hear this - I guess because I'm kind of loud - but I am an introvert. Some of you may already know this, but being an introvert does not mean you fear people or spend all your time in creepy chatrooms while hacking into the national security database. It simply means you recharge when you're alone, as opposed to extroverts, who recharge in the company of others.

Before having kids, I used to spend several hours a day alone, or at least incommunicado, mostly reading with a cup of coffee (add a fish sandwich to that and I could be mistaken for a Swede!). If Ralf or some other boyfriend wandered into the room, my curt responses soon drove them off again, unless they came bearing food.

If I didn't get this downtime I got kinda cranky.

Fast forward to married me with a job and two kids. I've adjusted my expectations and no longer expect to spend two hours a day reading with no interruptions. Which is good, because I'd be very cranky indeed all the time, instead of just mildly cranky.

When Ralf is gone the girls get to sleep in our bed with me and the sound of their peaceful snuffly breathing fills me with such deep happiness I can't describe it.

But when everyone is gone for a day and night, I get to be me again. Here are the exciting things I've done since last night:

1. Fixed a tray of bread, cheese, prociutto, grapes and a glass of red wine.

2. Watched 3 episodes of Buffy, season 5. I've seen them all before but still enjoy them. Riley recently took off and Buffy's relationship with Spike is evolving. I miss Riley, he's competent and clean cut like Ralf, but I like Spike, too.

3. Went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at an extravegant 9:30.

4. Enjoyed 2 cups of hot, fresh coffee and homemade biscotti in absolute silence while reading The Girl who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson. Despite everyone being a bit slow to follow up on various leads, it's an excellent read.

5. Although not particularly religious in a churchy way, prayed for Stieg Larsson and thanked him for providing me with such a peaceful and enjoyable morning.

At 15:00 I'll go to my Nike Fighting Fit class, then pick up the girls. Tomorrow we'll hang out at home and watch Year Without a Santa Claus together.

I wish you all a peaceful weekend.


  1. I totally get that. I too recharge alone and like my alone time. How you described it was perfect. I recharge when I'm alone.

    I'm heading out on Sunday for 9 days of recharging and hopefully sleeping in!

  2. I am an introvert at times too. I LOVE a good day where I don't have to leave the house and I can do nothing. But I too love hanging out with friends and being social.

  3. Oh my, that sounds like the most perfect weekend ever.
    I love every second of it...please have fun for all us mothers!

  4. I like being alone, also, but knowing that my family will be back at some point. Being permanently alone scares me.

    I love being around charismatic people who radiate energy and are not afraid to laugh.

    Your day sounds awesome. Peace to you!

  5. How deliciously peaceful! Enjoy...

  6. This happens to me when my husband travels too!

  7. I understand so well! I am an only child and now live in a house of 6. I so crave a little alone time occasionally. I'm happy you got yours.

  8. I go nuts if I don't have time alone every day. I totally understand what you're saying. Enjoy!

  9. I am, I admit and introvertish type myself. In fact, I might go so far as to say I am anti-social. My friend used to come over and visit. We would sit down to a meal. Eat, watch tv. Ice cream. Then she would go home with narry a word passed between us. I had the perfect life.

  10. I totally didn't know that is what that (intro extro) meant but it makes a lot of sense! I must be your soul sista...Loud but need that alone time! I can be the life of the party if I have to be (every party needs someone to kick it up a noitch & if no one is...I will:) But REALLY enjoy that recharge alone time. I am REALLY lukcy & get that on Saturdays when my hubby takes the kids to the farm where his parents live.

    Sounds like a good line-up you had there for yourself. I LOVE our tv DVR & stack up lots of episodes of PSYCH.

    I am sure by now your girls are back safe in your arms so I will just smile at those cuties in their pink dresses & head off to bed myself :) Good night!

  11. I covet my alone time. Having said that, 15 minutes ago I found out that Hubs is off today and Friday. Both are my days off. I am not a happy camper.

  12. oh goodness, I would love to wake up at 9:30! How lovely!

  13. I totally "get" what you mean.
    For me, Mondays are often my "day of rest" since I often work on the weekend -- and wow if someone gets sick or hubby decides to work from home on a Monday -- I need that day to "re-group"!...

  14. i am watching buffy alltheway through for the 4th time, and my man for the 2nd when he feels like it, (cuz my 3rd time in German (my man's 1st time thru) didn't really count).

    if that makes sense. it's dessert tv for me.



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