December 29, 2009

You know it's a new year when...

Yoga class is standing room only, in honor of the pending new year. In about a month it'll be practically empty again, except for the hard core students.

That's my big 2010 prediction, by the way. I'll take everything else as it comes.

Our cat: For 15 years our cat was estatic eating dry food and water. In fact, if we offered him something more interesting he turned his nose up at it. These days it's a bit different. He jumps up on the table while we're eating, wakes us up early so we can turn on the shower for him (he likes shower water) and expects me to cook for him. Nothing fancy, just chicken or lamb, lightly salted.

And now a couple of short family conversations to set the mood for 2010.

On presents:

K (indignantly from behind a mountain of fabulous presents): I didn't get anything on my Christmas list!

Me: Of course you did, darling. You got a math book.

(As it turned out she also later got a gold necklace from her godfather and was somewhat appeased. But I'm afraid she's concluded that Santa is totally bogus, or at least has an attention span problem.)

On cheeses:

Ralf (during dinner): Is this Comte cheese? You've gotta be kidding me. The French piss in a bucket, sell it to the Germans and laugh their asses off. Never buy Compte again.

Me: Um, OK.

On a final note, I noticed that in this picture of Ralf and me you can actually see a Dark Shadow looming over us:

How cool is that? Ralf says it's just a shadow but I know better. If I had any photoshop skills I would change it to a golden aura. I tried making us both gold but the dark shadow remained and it looked like we were burning in a nuclear fire so I gave up.

There are times when I regret my limited artistic ability.

Friends, I wish you all a boring 2010. I would wish you an interesting 2010, because it sounds better, but it's too much like the ancient Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times.'

So let's just go with boring, shall we?


  1. As the saying goes: dogs have owners, cats have staff...

    Happy and Healthy New Year to you and those you love, HPH!!!

  2. I would watch my back around that cat. He is obviously plotting something.

    I was sooo relieved this year that Santa managed to find enough Christmas list items to distract from the missing Christmas list items. I was not paying a kajillion dollars for a mechanical hamster.

    Ralf and the cheese: LMAO

  3. LOL!

    2009 has been too interesting - so I'll go for boring... I only wish this would come true in 2010.

  4. K's xmas list: Initially alarmed by #7 as I read it as "tattoo penIs". Not just that she wanted one but in trying to envision what an actual tattoo penis looks like and how it woudl be fun or useful.

    I wonder if perhaps she will discern from this, that a smaller and more discriminating list improves the odds....a math book!

  5. Yes we're teaching her the fine art of busienss negotiation - never ask for something cheap and boring in a list of more expensive and exciting stuff unless it's actually what you want.

  6. I'm hoping for a different 2010! Happy New Year to you!

  7. Our 17 year old cat has also taken up some rather unusual habits of late. I chalk it up to kitty dementia.

  8. I don't even know what Comte is. You and your fancy cheeses!

  9. Boring sounds good to me. I think I'm going to celebrate Chinese New Year and make my resolutions then. It's on 2/14 this year and the gym will be cleared out by then.

  10. As the proud (?) owner of ten (!!!) cats, we find your minor inconveniences amusing.

  11. My Eldest also had administrative issues with Santa this year. He didn't get his Wii! Can you imagine if he did - he wouldn't give any of us a turn! May your aura be golden throughout 2010!

  12. Absolutely right about a boring 2010. Nothing like a crisis to point out how lucky we are to be in a rut!

  13. For me, January will be the zoo in the yoga room.

    The French only like the French, right? Oh, wait. That's just like cats.

  14. Agh..I hated when the gym got super crowded in January. Then, you lost your favorite spot for a month and had to wait until they all left to get it back. Happy New Year!

  15. I'll take boring over 2009 ANY day. And now, I shall pray. Oh, and resolve to attend so many yoga sessions, I know who's "hard-core" and who's not.


  16. Bring on the boring 2010! May we all live uninteresting lives. Interesting is highly overated, me thinks.

  17. I am clueless about that cheese but do agree with your husband about the French!

  18. boring is very means nothing bad nor tragic is happening...which i like.

    your gym sounds like standing room easter & christmas.


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