December 8, 2009


Yesterday the girls had Turnen, or gymnastics. I'm making a Christmas video of the girls for my mom and grandma and I took it along to film some footage.

Tournen is fun to watch because there's just nothing cuter than a bunch of little kids gallumping around giggling. I have great respect for the teacher Ingrid as well - because, let's face it, the job is like herding cats.

Because I was filming, K was on her best behavior. She repeatedly hugged her sister and helped her balance on a bench they were supposed to walk across. Not that she's usually mean to L, she's actually pretty decent as big sisters go, but yesterday she went all out.

This means she has figured out that it pays to act nice when people are watching.



  1. I think she's going to be a film star... And I love your simile of teaching kids gym as being like herding cats.. too funny!

  2. Score! I'm sure they are naturals.

  3. I wish mine would do that! I can't even get a decent photo of them together.

  4. I almost wasn't giong to mention it, because it's cute, but then I always hate when people think my mistakes are "cute" as well and I never agree. So here it goes: I believe it's spelled "Turnen". :-)


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