December 7, 2009

Putting Away Childish Things

I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire yesterday. The ending was a bit over the top if you think that someone who's been shot in the head and buried alive wouldn't normally be able to dig themselves out and go on a killing spree but I still enjoyed it and just ordered the third book.

While I was making dinner for the kids I overheard this conversation:

L (4 years old): Santa is just a man in dress up.

Ex-cuse me? Where did that come from?

K (6 years old): You're not supposed to say that. I know it, and Mommy knows it, but Papa doesn't know it.


L: Oh.

K: You can't tell Papa or he'll be sad.

L: OK.

Poor Ralf. I'll have to try to find the right moment to break it to him.


  1. Which is the sad part? -That Santa's a man or that he's dressed up?

  2. There is nothing funnier that overhearing conversations between children. I sure hope they still believe in Santa though, they are so young!

  3. Poor, poor Ralf. And I actually snorted at your description of the plot line!

  4. Break it to him gently will ya!

  5. We think this is quite a tribute to your husband's ability to maintain illusion for the sake of your kids. Well, either that or you really DO need to sit him down. . . .

  6. **Crying**

    I always knew I would get my heart broken reading blogs. Sniff. Sniff. I didn't know.


  7. That is so funny! And adorable, too.

  8. Your summary of the book quickly followed with the fact you're ordering the follow-up cracked me up!

  9. Oh boy! This cracked me up! This is my first real LOL for the day!

  10. Oh my - kids say the sweetest things! Too funny...


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