December 13, 2009

This and That

First of all, this breaking Human Resources news - snuggies are banned from the workplace. Read all about it here. This is the biggest HR news since the financial crisis broke, at least for Kristina.

I finished Hornet's Nest. It was good, although the end fizzled a bit. Please read it, it's way better than average.

Two more tips for you (I'm in an expansive, helpful mood):

1) Watch the movie 'Laura', an old black and white classic with Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews; and

2) For delicious and easy appetizers, wrap prunes in bacon strips and back until bacon is cooked. If you want to be classy, stick toothpicks through them. Make a lot, they go fast.

Finally, K's long-awaited Christmas wish list - she didn't bother with any sort of greeting or salutation to Santa, just the list:

1. robot horse
2. math book
3. more hermit crabs (to ignore)
4. story CD about some magic horse with a weird name that sounds like 'Sternschweif'
5. real gold necklace
6. real sivler bracelet
7. tatoo pens
8. tatoo stickers
9. tatoo

Needless to say, she'll be getting the math book.


  1. Does the workplace Snuggie ban mean we'll be seeing people congregate around the building perimeter in their Snuggies taking Snuggie Breaks?

  2. "The key to victory on any of those [cooking] shows comes down to one factor: bacon. Whichever contestant puts bacon in the dish invariably seems to win."--Michael Pollan

    Apparently you can wrap bacon around just about anything, and they'll go fast.

    My daughter put a guinea pig on her list (to ignore). Not a chance, as I believe they're nocturnal. (Even if they're not, that's what I told her...)

  3. At least she only wants tattoo and not a nose ring too! Hope you loves that Math book!

  4. the "(to ignore)" is such a crack up b/c i hear a dead pan voice speaking those words without pause before continuing onto other listed items. i think kids think of pets as objects to collect and name and herd. herding when the urge/boredom strikes.
    with no salutation, how was the list presented to santa? how did she know it would find its intended recipient? did she just present it now? the santa we will be dealing with will require letter submission by thanksgiving. out of consideration for santa's limited resources and predisposition to panic attacks under pressure, we will abide or forfeit.
    regarding bacon: i second patty's comment. bacon wrapped anything are rarely left over.

  5. I was too busy crying after the first sentence to be able to read the rest of the post. Fascists!!!

  6. I can just picture my chair (on wheels) rolling over my snuggie while at work...crazy!

    Love the Christmas list, and man she cut right to thr chase!

    I am surprised the math book was even on the list!

  7. oops.. spelling( poor typist) error..I try to catch those...
    she cut right to THE chase!

    MerRy ChristMas!

  8. Why in the world would she even put a math book on a wishlist? That sounds like pure torture.

    That girl, she's all business. ;)

  9. Snuggies in the workplace. That's sad.

    Robot horse?

    I'm with you on the math book!

  10. Your kid actually ASKED for a math book?

  11. Why in the world would anyone wear a Snuggie to work?? No tattoo for you kiddo? What kind of mother are you?

  12. As I was ignoring my 4YO the other morning (I'm sure I was doing something important like preparing food) out of the fog I heard "I'm using a pen to make my tattoo" to which I realized I should be paying attention. Yup, she had drawn a nice something on her chest about 4" wide. Oy!

  13. On the snuggie thing..


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