January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I got tagged on Facebook to create a list of 25 random things you don't know about me, which is kind of hard after the High School Questionnaire. . .

But anyway, rather than posting the list to FB and wasting a perfectly good blogging opportunity, here are yet another 25 random things about me that most of you may not already know:

1. I’m legally blind without glasses.

2. I think John Stewart is really hot.

3. I’ve dated more Europeans than Americans.

4. I hear voices in my head when I design software.

5. I own Sister Act. And Sister Act 2. In German.

6. I eat more than Ralf.

7. I don't see the point of American Idol.

8. I like men in Lederhosen a lot.

9. I once ate silkworms. I didn't know they were silkworms until later. They kind of tasted like chicken.

10. I organize my entire life with scribbled notes on bits of scratch paper.

11. I think people who voted for Bush in 2004... what were you thinking???

12. I weighed more in HS than when I was pregnant. Not much more, but more.

13. It drives me crazy when the left side of my hair is longer than the right side. It's OK if the right side is longer.

14. To get Ralf to propose I broke off a prior engagement, moved to Germany, found work and housing, dated a couple of other guys and finally instigated that risky showdown about the maternal clock (so don't cross me because I don't pull any punches).

15. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac.

16. I worry I'll get AIDS from an evil doctor or a sloppy pedicure. (See?)

17. In HS I was awarded a scholarship to a prestigious acting school. I ended up turning it down because I didn't want to wear sun glasses and a baseball cap just to go shopping.

18. I once seriously considered getting a Ph.D. in political science.

19. I can't believe how lucky I am to have a husband, kids, floor heating, coffee, flexible work hours and good health.

20. When I read a good book I see everything as vividly as the real world.

21. I wonder about things all day long, like whether Posh ever smiles.

22. I wonder if my dad misses me.

23. My IQ is 142.

24. I am pro death penalty for violent crimes involving children.

25. My nose is crooked. It's subtle but it kind of bugs me.


  1. I also wonder about things all day long - except without me knowing - my conversations in my head do come out of my mouth. Nutty, I know, but I prefer eccentric. Also, can't do without those lists!

  2. Thats so funny I just did the same thing today on my blog. It was from facebook so I thought Id kill two birds with one stone so to speak...poor birds

  3. Y0u are a smartie! And I think Jon Stewart is sexy too.

  4. Posh does not smile. It is in her contract.
    I hear voices too. They have nothing to do with me designing anything.

  5. I never thought this before, but you're right: Men in Lederhosen are sexy!

  6. Of course your dad misses you, Laura. Why (I'm treading carefully, here) would you not be sure of that? Where is he?

  7. The point of American Idol is to ridicule people and Posh never smiles.

    Who is John Stewart?

  8. About the voices, there's medication for that! As for the crooked nose? If you habitually tilt your head to one side, it may not be a just a "crooked nose" but torticollis. Legal blindness can be corrected by LASIK surgery--best thing I ever did! As a hypochondriac, how does all that make you feel???

    Seriously, don't change anything--you're fun!


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