January 12, 2009

Aloha dreams

There's always a bright side. Even winter's not all bad - in fact, just this morning I found a chocolate croissant in my car that went missing 3 weeks ago and it was still edible. But aside from this one spot of brightness, it pretty much totally sucks.

To add insult to injury, I just got an email from my German husband in sunny California with the following: "It was almost 70 F today and dark blue skies, you would have loved it. I could even wear a t-shirt! (don’t want to rub it in, but it was a gorgeous day…)"

I don't think that qualifies as rubbing it in at all, do you?

So anyway, today I've been mooning over some old Hawaiian vacation pictures:

I plan to let Ralf pay for his t-shirt comment by taking me on a tropical vacation in 2009. I think that's fair, don't you?


  1. very fair, generous even. and also, what a good looking couple you make!

  2. Hey there! I didn't know you blogged -- though I should have guessed.

    For what its worth, I like Bavaria much more than Southern California. It was great getting to meet you and your husband and daughter there and to introduce you to my own daughter. She got to meet Jenny a couple of months ago -- and Ari is now the same age as we were when we all hung out all those years ago. Life is strange.

    Take care, and enjoy that most excellent part of the world.

  3. A tropical vacation is definitely in order. Can I come?

  4. I think due to the harsh cold you have endured this winter - a vacation to anywhere with SUN is definately top priority!

  5. Totally, totally fair. My husband will be in Arizona this weekend, and I sort of hate him right now. I hate Utah winters.

  6. That is totally fair and your husband is a HUNK.

  7. Sounds very fair to me (even though I happen to love winter and just went on vacation to Maine in order to experience it a little better). After all, one can't scuba dive in snow.


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