January 4, 2009

Thought for the Day: I love phlegm

I've been reflecting lately how a tiny difference in circumstance or perception can completely alter someone's interpretation of events. For example, we went to see the Harlem Gospel Singers last night, which I thought was awesome. During intermission we ran into some friends of ours, one of whom complained about the percussion being too loud. He was quite put out by this and unable to fully enjoy the concert as a result.

Einstein noticed this difference in perception as well in his famous example with lightning hitting the train simultaneously in the front and the back. A person standing on the middle of the track sees the lightning strike the front and back of the train at the same time. A person on the train sees the lightning strike the front of the train first, because he or she is headed that way. A person on a train headed in the opposite direction sees the lightning strike the back of the train first, because he or she is headed the other way.

The point is that there is no objective reality. We all have a different story.

Take phlegm. I think on most days we can agree it's pretty icky stuff and we don't want typically want our offspring to rub their runny noses on our t-shirts right before work. But take it from me, when you've been dry coughing for an entire month, having a real cough where you can feel the phlegm shifting RULES because it means you are finally getting better.

So at least this week, I am a big fan of all things phlegmish. Even the phlegm my children spooge on my t-shirts.

Go phlegm!

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  1. Only you could write about phlegm and make it interesting! LOL by the way!


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