January 21, 2009

Happy doctors, bitchy bakers and new hope

This morning I had a mammogram and to spare you the suspense, I'm completely normal, at least as far as that goes. It was snowing so I asked Ralf if he could drop me off.
His response: 'Why, certainly. I would be delighted to chauffeur you around Munich this morning. I won't even make you beg.'
I took this as a yes and got all dolled up in my fur-lined purple snow beast outfit, which is incredibly sexy. Believe it. And don't even look at that picture of Barney, it's completely unrelated.
After they took the pictures I met with the doctor, who was unexpectedly jolly. Generally speaking most of the doctors I've gone to here are pretty nice but this guy was positively brimming with bonhomie. Of course, he looks at breasts all day.
Fortunately the little verruca at the bakery right afterwards made up for this understandable lapse in German brusqueness, so cosmic balance is preserved and we can all continue to exist. She ignored my polite request for a croissant, handed me a stale pretzel and brazenly stole my Eurocent change.
But nothing can dampen my good mood today because I have a clean bill of health and an even cleaner new President.


  1. Impressive use of "verruca". I could see it all...

    Also, so postive of you to call the experience "Fortunate". Who knows where you be if she was full of pleasantries?

  2. What is it with people in restaurants who give you what they think you need and not what you order?

  3. Glad to hear your good nes. That reminds me I should make an appointment for a mammogram as soon as I can figure out how to do that...

  4. This reminds me. I need to make my annual appointment.

  5. Can I just say... there is a lady at church who is the spitting image of you. When I see her I always think she IS you and I have to stop myself from commenting on her (your) children/husband/snow storms/sauna/toenails/boobies etc.

    NOW... I have to NOT mention Barney!

    Thank you... she already thinks I'm strange.

  6. Yay! In the grand order of things what more can one ask for but to be healthy!?!? Must admit I would have been seriously irked if I was wanting a fresh croissant and given a stale pretzle instead!

  7. I just had my mammogram and annual exam this week! Even more amazingly, my doctor looks like she could be your sister -- you don't happen to have one who lives & works in Anchorage, Alaska?

    I realize that now both my doctor and my president are younger than me -- and I don't even mind -- they're both wonderful & competent.

    Cheers, and congrats on the clean bill of health. Here, we don't even get our results till a radiologist whom you never meet does his/her evaluation, and hopefully it will just be a routine letter rather than a phone call...


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