January 13, 2009


It's a calculated risk because normally rational people who are amazingly tolerant about everything from religious slander to being told they are evil have been known to totally FREAK OUT when someone utters a word against Twilight. But that's me, I like living on the edge.

Wait a minute. . . damn! I wanted to make fun of the Twilight movie but Kristina got there first. A month ago! And she compared it to watching a Book of Mormon movie so there's just nowhere to go from there. Why do I even bother?

So instead of adding to the growing body of literature about how unibrows aren't really sexy I'm going to scoop Charlotte and invite you to create an Obamicon. They look like this:

Pretty cool, huh?

Oh and yesterday was apparently national delurking day, so all you people who visited my blog were supposed to leave comments and not just, er, lurk. Feel free to make up for it today, even if it's just Twilight-related hate mail.


  1. Twilight - the teenage vampire thing? Am I outing myself as uncool if I admit it has barely passed my radar?

  2. You expats are so out of touch! ;-)

  3. There can never be too much Twilight hate.

  4. OK, R Max and I really are long lost sisters.

    And I wish more people would read my profile that accompanies my pic. I still get people who come to my blog and tell me that they love Twilight too, and then I have to break the news to them. Awkward.

  5. barely on my radar, too... and i live in west l.a.

  6. OK, so yes I read the books (entertaining, and repetitious, but then I'm not the target demo). And we saw the movie - opening night late show, me and the 12yo boy, along with every teen girl in Los Gatos who wasn't at the football game. The *sparkle* moment had us all breathless will laughter. I think it's a great group movie for teens. The kind of movie they'll rewatch in 10 or 20 years and wonder whet all the fuss was about (kind of the reaction I have now to St Elmo's Fire, or About Last Night. Hmm...was Rob Lowe our generation's Robert Pattison?)

  7. Emily - you really need to read more trashy celeb mags.

    Gretchen - fair point, for me it was 16 Candles and Emilio Estevez. ;-)

  8. I'm not into Twilight- vampires creep me out- plus I'm 41! However, I AM into the Book of Mormon. So, Laura, you have at least one Mormon friend! (Btw, you are so witty and honest, you could never offend me- so keep trying!!!!)


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