January 8, 2009

Winter Wonderland MY ASS and other topics

Winter sucks: My kids have to be at Kindergarten at 8:15, which means at 7 we start getting dressed: tights, lined pants, undershirt, overshirt, pullover, socks for each child. Then around 7:55 we start putting on snow boots, scarves, hats, mittens and ski jackets. And this morning, as a special treat, by the time we finished these winter follies I realized that the car was frozen solid (-7 degrees C) and that Ralf had hidden the ice scraper in his man cave somewhere. Fortunately, there are few problems that a major credit card can't solve and I was able to scrape the ice off my windshield with my Visa.

Back to school: I’ve branched out from connecting with colleagues on Facebook to connecting with old high school friends and suddenly it’s like I’m back in biology class again, pretending to work while secretly passing notes. For example, this is how I found out that a girl I went to high school with was in Robert Palmer’s ‘Simply Irresistible’ video. Yes, I played volleyball with someone very slinky. I figure this makes me vicariously slinky. See if you can spot me, I mean, her:

Hairy encounter: I also reconnected with my German hair stylist Entela, who is actually Hungarian and looks just like Courtney Cox. Entela is an artiste. I can’t wait to bring my hair to her. It hasn't had any professional attention since September and needs to be saved. This is me:

German doctors: I called my German doctor to find out if I had whooping cough. After looking through my files for several minutes the receptionist told me sternly - like I had crossed some sort of line by calling - that she couldn’t tell me the results over the phone and Herr Doktor would have to call me back. That's standard here, by the way: they take your blood and tell you to call in a week for the results and then when you call they tell you they can't tell you anything and the doctor will call you back. But if you don't call, they won't call you, like they have to be activated by your voice or something. The good news is that yes we have no whooping cough.

And finally, I think I found a perfect blog posting. I haven't quite decided whether Kristina is being sarcastic or if she's just plain evil but she's very funny. So, instead of writing something meaningful myself today, here’s a blog I wish I’d written.


  1. Well, your post starts to explain a lot to me. I have never put my girls in tights because #1 had eczema. I started with undershirts because of the complaints I got from teachers last year and this year (much colder longer than last) I have actually gotten thermal pants and attempt to force the girls into sweaters as well as their turtlenecks (a losing battle with #1, so it goes in her rucksack). But because they are bussed (until next month when I start driving) I have always put them in regular pants and put the thermals in their bags, with a goal of them changing for outside playtime. Am I supposed to send them to school in their there thermals? Won't they overheat?

    It's strange how Germans bundle up so madly while they also open the windows in the bathroom when it's -10!

  2. It kind of depends on the school. The idea is to layer so if it's warm inside they can take off sweaters or whatever as needed. When they go outside they also have little ski bigs that stay at school that also get put on.

    No kidding about bathrooms, though, Ralf's parents guest bath is like an outhouse!!

  3. Can I be evil AND sarcastic?

    And yes, I am joking about hating the earth. But, I do really hate all the Going Green crap shoved down my throat every two seconds, so I was rebelling against that. (Oh, and I am mostly sarcastic. :))

    I'm adding you to my Reader!!

  4. Make no mistake, Kristina is evil... that's why we love her. The sarcasm is a bonus.

    Love that little pink dress you're wearing in the vid... wot a babe!

  5. Kristina - I hear you. I don't think we should throw convenience out the window or that families with 7 children should try to cram into a Prius (although the problem's very real so it's worth doing what you can). The answer lies in adopting new technologies that give us the same conveniences without the price tag.

  6. R Max - I know, I was a vicariously hot mama!


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