January 22, 2009

Church Lady

I want to thank all of you for your hilarious and interesting comments and say that I treasure each one. But I also want to call special attention to a comment I got yesterday from R Max (a hardened criminal who frequently gets strip searched at the local courthouse) that I read over and over and kept laughing each time:

"Can I just say... there is a lady at church who is the spitting image of you. When I see her I always think she IS you and I have to stop myself from commenting on her (your) children/husband/snow storms/sauna/toenails/boobies etc.

NOW... I have to NOT mention Barney!

Thank you... she already thinks I'm strange."

Author's note: I just LOVE it that there's someone out there who can't mention Barney or toenails in church because of me. And that I have a Mormon doppelganger. BTW... are you saying she'd think you're less strange if you DID bring up Barney???


  1. It's odd to find out their is someone that looks like you. My son spotted someone in the inauguration crowd that he thought was my double.

  2. That mind of yours, Laura... I never know what mini escapade you're going to take us on! What would you do without this blog-release? How tragic to think that your astute observations and witty commentary might have just stayed in your own private Idaho without this format!

  3. I have people tell me that someone looks like me all the time! And then I find out they look like Barbara Bush and I want to cry.

  4. fess up, you have been hanging around church these days looking for more blog material Laura!


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