January 2, 2009

On the mend again

I think this is the third time I’ve announced I’m getting better but this time it might be true. My meds seem to be working. I have heavy-duty antibiotics, probably the strongest I’ve ever taken, pills to completely dry me out and a course of Cortisone to heal the damage caused by letting this insane cough go too long. Again, no kudos to that first doctor who gave me nothing but sage tea but at least I have some serious #!@ now.

Yesterday I felt so much better I cooked, cleaned and even made a small dent on the laundry pile up. Mind you, we still have the tiny washing machine we owned in our chic pre-kids Bogenhausen apartment so it only fits about 4 pieces of adult clothing and each load takes over an hour to run. So it’s sloooow going. On the other hand, it matches the pace at which I get around to putting away laundry pretty well.

I also mastered my new sewing machine. After no fewer than four sewing classes in the US I can now laboriously thread my sewing machine while heavily referencing the user’s manual and sew extremely simple things. Yesterday I sewed two Little Mermaid pillowcases and a shiny, silky scarf that my kids have unfortunately fallen in love with so I’ll probably never get a chance to wear it. I even did a fun project with the kids – I bought a bunch of colorful iron on decals at Joann’s in the US before we moved back (hearts, butterflies, etc.) and yesterday we decorated all of their plain t-shirts and turtlenecks together. The decals are also great for covering up those mystery grease stains that have magically appeared on all my staple long-sleeve Target tees.

In addition to being sick and working full-time we haven’t had childcare since about a week before Christmas. Can you hear the violin playing? The Kindergarten takes a full-blown two week Christmas vacation and the kids got sick about a week and a half before that started so we’re at two weeks now with another week to go. We’ve had some much-appreciated help from Ralf’s parents on the days when I had to lie in bed or go to the lung specialist but working for money has been a challenge. So far haven’t let any deadlines slip but it’s been a hard road.

Also, I have to admit with all the love in the world, annoying. The kids are sweetiecakes and I think staying at home with Mommy and Papa has been good for them. Even when I was deathly ill they seemed to like having me around all day. That’s the beautiful side, the side that finds you humbly worshipping your biological empire. The annoying side is the constant, ‘Mommy this, Mommy that,’ which literally doesn’t let up for more than 30 seconds at a time. All day, every day. This can range from simple announcements (i.e., ‘Mommy, I’m going upstairs now’) to calls for service (i.e., ‘Mommy, I’m thirsty’) to sisterly disagreements (i.e., ‘MOMMY LENI TOOK MY BUEGELPERLEN!!!!’) You can only say, ‘Don’t talk to me unless you’re bleeding!’ and ‘Don’t make me come over there!’ so many times.

So the countdown’s on to next Wednesday, when I will supposedly be 100% fit again and the kids finally go BACK TO SCHOOL.

Knock on wood.


  1. For me it has been 4 weeks, with Thing1 out the first, then Thing 2 out the second then the two week kita break. I am quite anxiously awaiting the restart of kita and praying that no one gets sick for a while: I need the quiet. I have not been alone for more than 4 weeks and it is making me crabby and tired (I stay awake to get some alone time).
    Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Ditto with the washing and ditto with the children responses, only I added one for the unwanted knocking on bedroom door. "Are you ON FIRE?"

  3. i'll believe you are well when you go two whole posts without feeling lousy :)


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