February 3, 2009

10 Things I Know

Charlotte tagged me in the 10 Things I Know meme so here goes:

(Disclaimer: I don't actually know these things but I believe them to be true.)

1. When you think you're at the top of your game the learning is just beginning. If not, you're cheating yourself.

2. A little bit of chocolate does a body good. It really does.

3. People don’t really change but they can evolve.

4. The ego is just a tool that helps you get things done – don’t let it call all the shots.

5. It’s essential to make time for yourself.

6. If your children have healthy souls and loving hearts you're doing a fabulous job. Everything else is just noise.

7. No one cares about your hair except you. It's a tough one to come to grips with but I'm totally here for you if you need to talk about it.

8. Bad things happen for a reason only in a very general sense. That is to say, bad things need to happen to give us growth opportunties but you can drive yourself crazy wondering why they happened to John instead of Jane.

9. Everyone has a different point of view but there is still a common truth. You can feel it in your gut. If you're paying attention, that is.

10. We should always be our kids' biggest fan. For example, my mom actually follows this blog.

Thanks for your support, Mom! Don't think I don't appreciate it.

And now I tag Kristina, R, Debbie, Suzie, Emily and Bebe. But only if you want to...


  1. I see, according to your number 5 - we are both on the same wavelength! ; ) Enjoyed reading your post!

  2. #3 - very wise, I like that. #7 made me shriek aloud - you are so funny. Now I think I'll go and cut all my hair off, because no-one cares about it but me. Are you available to discuss?

  3. Huh. Good point. I guess I need to qualify #7. What I meant was that, unless you have freakish or offensive hair, no one but you cares if you have a bad hair day. That said, if you shave it all off you or stop showing or something like that you might start beeping on a few radars. I'm totally available to discuss.

  4. Number 5 is great although I never stick to it. And you are so right about chocolate

  5. I so love this list. And I really think being the kids' biggest fan is critical. And I assume I am the Debbie you tagged. You sure you want to do there? :)

  6. I'm glad you said "Only if you want to." I don't do tags. I've done one tag in my entire blog career, and I wasn't even actually tagged.

    But I'm pretty sure everyone else cares about my hair too.

  7. OK--I'll play! Come on over to my blog for my list.

  8. Oh I loved these! Especially that one about the hair - and about having healthy happy kids! How true.


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