February 2, 2009

Something I'm proud of...

No, I didn't save a life or donate all my money to charity. . . but I did build a puppet theater with my kids.

It started with a book, 'How to Draw Princesses.' I love that book. I drew and my kids colored.
We also drew some Barbapapas, which are colorful blobby cartoon characters that my kids love.
Then we had this one popsicle stick sitting on the counter and glued one of the princesses on the stick.
Then we cut out more sticks out of cardboard and soon we had a small army of princesses and Barbapapas on sticks.
Then we needed a theater for them so I fetched out a tall moving carton from the basement and cut out a window and a back flap while my kids glued on various decorations.
And as a final touch I sewed some very simple curtains and hung them with a piece of yarn.
I think it turned out rather well.


  1. These are the best type of projects and great memory makers.

  2. That looks like such fun! I am sure your girls will enjoy playing in it! Brownie Points for "Mommy Innovation"!

  3. So much better than saving a life.

  4. Wow... sewing, theatre, toenail frying AND talent management... you are the whole package!

  5. Don't get the impression that I do this sort of thing on a regular basis. This was a fairly random burst of creativity. Even my kids were confused. Now if they would only actually play with it . . . ;-)

  6. When I was little, my mom made something similar for us. It wasn't a puppet theater, but it was a little play house. She used a card table and draped it with fabric. She cut window openings and stitched on curtains. I still remember playing in that little house!


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