February 13, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love

Still here, still no coffee, still sucks.
But tomorrow morning the embargo will be lifted! Five days exactly. And I'm no expert but my gums show promising signs of healing. . .
But anyway, without coffee I'm not in any real shape to take on the world this morning so I'm going to let Elizabeth Gilbert do it for me.
I hope all of you have read the book Eat, Pray, Love. If not you should. You just should. You may not like everything about it but it's a funny, wise book.
Even Ralf liked it!
It's about a female journalist who reaches a crossroads in her life when she realizes she's more excited about writing a story about a baby squid than she is about having kids with her husband. A messy divorce follows and after some wallowing she decides to travel the world and write a book. She goes to Rome to learn how to enjoy life, India to learn spirituality and Indonesia to explore love. And brings us all along on her hilarious vision quest.
I don't have a picture of Elizabeth Gilbert so I posted one of myself instead from a few years ago, before I could aford a decent hair cut, deep in thought about what to do with my life and thoughtlessly destroying the Earth one plastic water bottle at a time.
It also represents my current coffeeless state and how I feel about it.
Read the book. I think it will make you happy.
I've you've already read it and liked it, or if you are an aspiring writer, you may also enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert's TEDTalk. TED is an association that brings together the greatest thinkers and achievers of our time to speak to any topic for 20 minutes. They have lots of good talks.
I couldn't figure out how to embed this so just follow the link and enjoy!

Your coffee deprived servant,


  1. Guten Morgen!
    I know that if I'm up late enough at night blogging here in AK, then I'll catch you -- poor thing, morning without coffee. I feel for you!

    I've been eying the book EAT,LOVE,PRAY at our local bookstore (whose name is Titlewave, clever?!?) With your recommendation I'll go get it!
    Gute Nacht!

  2. "Eat, Pray, Love" is also on my list of books to read for this year! Hope that coffee tomorrow hits the spot!

  3. I've been thinking about getting that book and now I think I may...

    Congrats at getting your husband to read it... this is an impossiblility in my house. MM says, "You tell me about it. I like how you describe it better."

  4. I adored the book and when I watched her speech a couple of days ago, it made cry, laugh and then go and write 3000 words of my novel. She's inspirational!

    Hope those gums get better and you can drink coffee soon ...

  5. Kudo's for holding the line on the coffee this long!!!

  6. I know the coffee embargo has been very tough. I'd hate to have to give up my precious tea. I haven't read this book but it has been on my TBR list for quite some time.

  7. will you still like me if i tell you i hated that book?

  8. Due to being on completely different planes in life, I found parts of Gilbert's story a little inaccessible. For instance, it's highly unlinkely that I'm ever going to be able to check out of life and go eat for months in Italy.

    Aside from that, she offers so many beautiful nuggets on living. I keep a drawing (by daughter) of a four-legged body with a face heart and plants growing out of its head at my desk to remind me to think from my heart more often than my head.

    I need to read this one again.

  9. As it happens, I have that book sitting on the floor next to me right now. I've been putting off reading it for some unknown reason--maybe I'll take it to the cabin with me this weekend and read it there.

    As always--thanks for the suggestion. And I hope the healing is going well!

  10. Uh, oh. We read this book for book club many months ago. I did a blg post about it. I think it was titled Eat, Pray, Fall Asleep.

    I didn't love it. I liked the Eat part, and the pray was interesting, but it was just OK. Oprah let me down! We all felt the same way about it. It was interesting, but no one loved it.

  11. Ah, well. My California book club loved it but my German book club was not convinced. I loved it but I agree the last section was the weakest. But I felt she bought so much good will in the first two sections that I was willing to forgive. And yes, Emily, I still like you. :-)


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