February 18, 2009

Is it just me?

Is it just me or does the new US economic stimulus package involve a pretty high national debt? It's probably better to stimulate the economy with style than to waste money and accomplish nothing by doing it on the cheap, but whoa. Does anyone still think any of us are going to see any social security when we retire?

Is it just me or is sending troops to Afghanistan kind of scary? After reading Three Cups of Tea I'm thinking it's probably where we should have been in the first place, but. . . 20,000 troups against the Taliban in the vast cave-riddled countryside of Afghanistan? Can you say, 'Vietnam?'

Is it just me or do you LOVE Obama for bitch slapping the Republican members of Congress when they protested the high price tag of the economic stimulus bill? I think the price tag is pretty high, too, but after eight years of shameful waste on war and looking the other way while business leaders gambled away our economic viability I don't want to hear it from any lame ass Republicans. No offense.
Mind you, bogus hedge funds and war and war machines create a certain amount of economic activity but only as long as no one examines the funds too closely and the war lasts, ergo, not much of a long-term economic stimulus plan unless you are in the business of financial scams and war. So I consider the last eight years to be a total write-off, economically speaking. At least Obama's stimulus package has some funds earmarked for long-term investment in clean energy so we may actually end up with something to show for all that spending.

Is it just me or do we produce an inordinate amount of waste every day? We are an average household of 4 people who recycle and try to use our purchasing power for good rather than evil and yet at the end of each day I am amazed at the amount of rubbish we produce just from consuming our groceries. Once upon a time fresh produce would be lovingly wrapped in old newspaper but since the 1940s suppliers triple package everything in single-purpose materials that can withstand the elements for thousands of years. Who says we don't build to last any more?

Is it just me or should the bank and financial house executives that screwed everything up and retired with big fat bonuses have to pay some of that money back?

And finally, is it just me or are those weanies in Congress ever going to pass any global warming laws? I'm afraid they may be exhausted from voting on the economic stimulus package and need to take expensive lakeside vacations before they can vote on anything else and the clock is ticking.

Yes, it is. Yuh huh.
Wake up call: Carbon emission rates are 35% higher than they were in 1992, when the Kyoto Protocol was signed. Projections estimate that our carbon levels will be up to three times higher by 2100 if we do nothing and while the carbon is re-absorbed in 200 years it takes 1000 years for any warming effects to reverse. If you want to write to your weanie Congress members to remind them about global warming, the Environmental Defense Fund will automatically route your email (which they also write for you, although you can tailor it) to your Congress members based on your zip code.
Just me,


  1. I enjoyed this post for two reasons - Firstly, I like it when people express themselves and speak the truth. Secondly, the "Laura-toon", with swept away bangs, is fabulous!

  2. I probably contribute to 34% of those carbon emissions. Sorry. :(

  3. Excellent rant.

    And nice dress. Shows off your cartoon boobs nicely.

  4. No, not just you. I also have guilt about our waste from, as you say, just consuming our groceries. I have taken to binning as much of the packaging as I can in the Aldi trash cans, but even so, there's tons.

  5. It's great to finally NOT be in the minority anymore in terms of being concerned with what we're doing to our environment, etc. Not so long ago (and still here in the backwoods), I get looked at funny when I hand the grocery clerks my canvas cloth bags because I don't want all the plastic!!!
    What gets me is how much the Republicans are whining about the Stimulus package, when they got us into this mess in the first place, and can't think of any good ideas other than their mantra of "cut more taxes, cut more taxes..." The point has come where we're way beyond where tax cuts can solve the economic crisis!

    Thanks for your rant, and love the 'toon!

  6. I didn't realise you had green eyes.

    Thanks for the eco-rant. America makes up 5% of the world population yet consumes 25% of the world's resources. I don't tell my fellow americans but when I moved here I was shocked at the awful waste and rabid consumerism that surrounded me. Not ALL Americans are like this... but it shocked me that SO MANY ARE. I've been here six years and I hope none of those characteristics have rubbed off on me but they probably have...sigh.

    Things HAVE to change. (After I get my gas sucking SUV.)


  7. Love the cartoon you! As for the commentary--my Mister thinks I'm trying to do my share to stimulate the economy with frivolous buying. I disagree--shoes are not frivolous! As for the emissions--sorry about my daughter's abundant use of hairspray. I'm trying to wean her off that!


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