February 28, 2009

What are the odds?

Charlotte writes the first blog I ever 'followed'. I found her back in September when we moved to Germany and was struck by her generous, funny style.

Since then there have been more - you know who you are - but Charlotte was the first.

So, my meeting Thursday? With Charlotte's husband.

Weird, huh?


  1. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Indeed a small world.

  2. The internet makes the world a small neighborhood.

  3. That is sooo fun! Isn't it weird how that happens?! I flew my friend over from New Zealand to come nanny my children while I was away with MM and she bumped into somebody at the supermarket that she was a penpal with!!! Love it!

  4. It was very funny to read about you meeting Top Husband of Germany, aka Charlotte's hubby.

  5. Hi Laura
    And nice it was meeting you too.


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