February 10, 2009

A tale of two molars

My dental surgery went ahead as planned yesterday. Everyone was nice to me (including all of you, thanks for all the encouragement and practical advice) and the dental surgeon seemed to be in an upbeat mood, although maybe not quite as chipper as the breast doctor.

As for the surgery itself, I survived but if I could only use one word to describe it, it would be: Eeew. No one should have to listen to those kinds of scraping and sawing sounds in their own mouths. The whole time I was praying the dental surgeon wouldn’t have a heart attack before finishing the job because I could just imagine the state of my gums after he'd been at it for a half hour.

But enough said about that.

When it was over I was reeling from the one of the most invasive surgeries I’ve ever had while the doctor was remarking about how trivial it was as dental surgeries go while removing his blood-soaked gloves. Another reminder that everyone has a different yet valid perspective.

One day later, I’m remarkably free of pain or swelling and am permitted to eat whatever I want, although the smooth plastic protector snapped in the roof of my mouth kind of kills the love on that. I have pain medication, anti-swelling medication and an antiseptic gargle.

This is way better than the time I had my wisdom teeth removed and couldn’t go to Disneyland with the (then) love of my life who was visiting LA with his parents during college break because my entire head swelled up to the size of a basketball. It turned out later he was gay so it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway but I had no way of knowing that then and was really bummed. Not to mention deformed for a whole week.

The worst part is that I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DRINK COFFEE FOR FIVE DAYS. They told me this after the operation. Good thing, too, because that would have been a deal breaker.

The reason is that it gets your circulations moving and that can make the stitches bleed, which can interfere with healing. They did give reluctant permission for me to have a cuppa in the morning but I don't want to take any unnecessary chances because I certainly don’t want to do this again, at least not on the same side.

It sucks. All I can think about is coffee, coffee, coffee… lovely, milky, hot, strong COFFEE.

So my day today is all about not drinking coffee. And counting the minutes until the coffee embargo is lifted. And wondering if the graft will be successful when they take out the stitches next week.

OK, time to gargle. Wishing all of you good dental health.


  1. As I take a big swallow of my hot, milky, Jamaica Blue coffee, I think of you;). But since I drink it American style (ie, not 2x as strong as it should be) perhaps you wouldn't like it anyway.
    I'm glad it went so well.

  2. Glad it's behind you and all went well!

  3. I am so relieved to hear it went well. I hate it when they have these restrictions but don't tell you until it is too late:)

  4. No Java - the thought gives me the shakes already however as I am 100% behind you as you allow your body to heal after this little surgery. Happy gargling!

  5. I'm so glad your surgery went well! As for the coffee--I can't really relate. I've never been a coffee drinker. But if you feel anything like I do when I give up Diet Coke--then I am truly sorry. I hope you survive--this may be worse than the actual procedure! Good Luck!

  6. Are you allowed to sniff coffee?

  7. The sounds of dental stuff is the worst! When we were talking about getting my wisdom teeth out, the dentist said that since mine weren't impacted, I didn't need to go under, but who wants to listen to their teeth being ripped out?

  8. I have your same coffee obesessions at least once a week when I try to give up my Cokes. I never make it more than two days...

  9. Just checking in to see that you're surviving. You doing OK without your coffee fix?

  10. Maybe you can have some luke warm hot chocolate?

  11. No coffee? I didn't have that rule when I had the same surgery!! (I agree about the deal-breaker!)



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