March 10, 2009

Clarification on Broccoli Brownies

Just a quick note to clarify a few points of confusion and address several comments and questions:

1) I blend the broccoli to a pulp before adding it to the brownie mix. I use it instead of butter.

2) Litlove, I doubt it would fool a 14-year-old. But try it, you never know. Spinach also works - in fact, I kind of like spinach brownies. And you can tell him it's a pot brownie.

3) Maven, good point - plain old broccoli would be far less disgusting but there you have it. There's no accounting for taste.

4) And a final note about K - she liked fruit and tolerated veggies until she turned 3 and then overnight refused to eat them any more. Juice and yogurt, too. Her explanation (now that she can talk) is that she doesn't like wet food, although she likes ice cream just fine. Go figure. I can usually compel her to eat a small portion of carrots or cauliflower if she wants dessert but she won't snack on apples, grapes and bananas like other kids. But she's healthy so I don't worry, I just content myself with creating really bad memories of her mom's baking skills so she can, I dunno, roll her eyes at me in high school or something.

And if you want more sneaky recipes, check out Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook Deceptively Delicious.


  1. That makes much more sense. Clearly, I am retarded.

  2. Girl, you are a culinary GENIUS!!! Unfortunately, I am raising a texture sensitive child. He would be all over that broccoli in seconds! I'd never get it by him.

  3. Here's a "tricky" one for you: toasted wheat germ, melted carob chips and peanut butter. Mix 'em all up and voila: homemade "Reese's" peanut butter cups. My kid devours them.

  4. Broccoli brownies - I love the idea! Last month I posted a recipe for Valentine's Day: yoghurt, ketchup and sprinkles!

  5. I love it! I do mention your broccoli brownies on my new cooking blog, borealkraut.
    Talking of kids' likes and dislikes: my son distrusted all white food when he was small -- must have been something about the look plus consistency (and he's since outgrown this). I remember when he was in Kindergarten, he loved egg salad sandwiches, until one day, when he watched me make them and saw that I used mayonnaise -- after that he would not touch them!
    Sometimes, when kids are young and picky eaters, it's best they don't see what goes into their favorite recipes...


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