March 19, 2009

Cup of Joe

What do you suppose these pictures have in common?

Lately I've been getting up an hour early so I have a little time for myself before the kids come. If they don't sense my awakeness and general availability this works well.
It's lovely really if you don't focus on the missing hour of sleep. I make some strong imported Pete's coffee, fire up my computer and check my email. This is also when I read the blogs of people who follow my blog and respond to the thoughtful and/or funny comments people have made on my blog.
The rest of the day is hectic with work, housework, kids and calls. But mornings are nice and quiet and I spend them with you guys.
So I was a little dismayed this morning to hear K creeping downstairs about 5 minutes after I got up. I tried to hide it because yesterday I had work-related calls in the afternoon (as opposed to after the kids go to bed) so I could undertand her needing a little extra attention. But I did explain to her that early mornings are my special time and tomorrow I want her to stay in bed until at least 6:30.
She solemnly agreed to this but here's the problem: she's discovered all of YOU.
When she came downstairs I happened to be reading something on Tara's blog. Tara's a California girl like me living in Denmark with her husband and four kids and she posted a slideshow of her kids feeding pigeons. K spotted this immediately, usurped my chair and spent the next 10 minutes watching Tara's kids feed pigeons while I sat grumpily off to the side itching to type.
Then she wanted more: the Maven's avatar, Gracey's pictures of Athen's, Lucy's sleeping cat, Patty's son dressed as a leprichaun, R's American Idol pictures, Lawyer Mom's pictures of Saturn and the mean teacher, Salma Hayek's cartoon boobs, she wanted it ALL, baby.
When she asked me to read Debbie's Moobs post out loud, however, I balked.
So.... any bets on whether she'll keep her promise tomorrow?


  1. She must have caught that getting up early lark from my kids... they're up at 5.30 am circumventing any private drinking time...

    My kids too have discovered other people's blogs.. but not the moobs one yet!

    As for going native - it's the only way to go these days! ;-)

  2. And when I say drinking time, you do realize I have forgotten the word COFFEE as in private coffee drinking time... :-)

  3. So should we expect to be reading K's blog soon?

  4. I totally understand the "time for yourself" concept. I don't even have kids, only a big one and a hairy one (not to be mistaken - my fiance is the former and our dog the latter, not the other way around!), and I still need my own time in the morning to check the blogs I follow and comment on.

    But I want to be optimistic, so my bet for tomorrow is that K will not get up before 6:30. (Let's hope!)

    I am glad you liked the pictures, btw! :)

  5. Any time an sound comes out of my computer, the kid posse surrounds me to see if it's a funny YouTube vid. I find myself sneaking around if I have something to watch or review. So I feel your pain.

    I have dreams of waking early to do yoga. But that snooze button is so easy to push than yoga.

  6. Funny. As I'm sitting .... no really laying here in bed typing this, I can hear the birds waking up outside my window and I love that. Mornings are my favorite. I also had a little K though that loved the same thing. It's hard to grab that quiet moment with kids. But then...that's okay too. Now if I'd been blogging in the 80's..... Hmmmmm...have to think that one over.

  7. So true! If my kids catch me on the computer I immediately go to the most boring page I can find so they lose interest and walk away.

  8. Ditto what Sara said, although we have FIVE computers, (occupational hazard) and although the kids can log onto any one of them and surf, they all end up standing behind me looking over my shoulder at blogs... go figure.

  9. Apparently, I have to put warnings on my blog titles, because some of my reader's kids read over their shoulders. Listen, if you let your kids read my blog and see all the pictures, it is YOUR fault!! (Your, in general.)

  10. thank God, Phoebe can barely read although that will end pretty darn soon. She pushes me away from my computer b/c she wants to play Nick Jr..

  11. I am so glad to have amused your child this morning!! :)

    I laughed when you asked, "What are you doing in Denmark?" HA - WHO KNOWS!!! :) My husband took a job, so I left mine, and here we are with another year to go. ...we may end up in Germany next so I may be needing some mental support there! :) We are from Northern California, Central Valley... Good ole' Tracy, CA. Glad to have found you here!

  12. Maybe she needs a "blog" of her own while you read yours. A paper and colored pencil blog, maybe?


  13. My kids do this too. They love looking at pictures and videos on the Net. And sometimes the same videos over and over and over again. I have no idea what I'll do when they can actually take over and work the computer themselves!


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