March 9, 2009

Conversations with Boobies, Part III

My life is not always smooth sailing. It’s not easy to work, be a mom and run a household on a budget.

Most of you know this first hand.

I think I do an OK job on most fronts - give or take the odd failure - but none of this is easy.

And living in Germany doesn’t exactly make it easier.

The upside of this is that stressful situations can be highly comedic.

Usually much later.

I have my dreams. Even a few fantasies about how my life might have turned out differently.

More glamorous.

But I really, really love my kids. There’s no fantasy life I’d trade them for, no way, no how.

Here’s the latest installment of Conversations with Boobies.

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K (in a loud stage whisper in front of our chain smoking electrician): He’s going to die soon.

Me (to L as she tried on her new gold ballet shoes): I missed your chubby little feet so much!
L: My chubby little feet missed you, too.

PS I wouldn’t trade Ralf either, not even for one of my secret boyfriends . He may not have Miss Piggy feet like L but he’s 6’4’’, can do any accent (including German) AND he bought me a new family-sized washing machine while I was in California so I can wash more than 2 pairs of socks at a time.

So all in all, glamorous fantasy lives are overrated.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more HPH! And, nothing like a little alone time between Ralf and the laundry for him to realize that a bigger machine has it's merits. Glad you're safely back home with your family!

  2. Good point, HPH! Who needs glamour when you have chubby little feet to help try ballet shoes on? :)

  3. I'm sure the kids are so happy you're back!!

  4. Hmmmmmm......Does Ralf have a brother? Father? Grandfather? I could use a new washer. :)


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