March 8, 2009

Reflections on Nun Blowing

I'm back in the Vaterland after a productive week and a family weekend. Once again I can nuzzle my babies' lovely soft hair when I kiss them good night. Thank goodness.

My multi-flight trip to Ventura from SFO via LAX for my grandma's birthday was completely uneventful, as was my flight back to Munich. My grandma is in great shape for 90 and we even saw a few whales.

The biggest excitement was what I think of as 'The Nun Blowing Machine' at SFO security.

A bit of background on this: I gather nuns can't be searched like the rest of us and they also wear rather voluminous garments so they're a potential security hazard. The comprimise between religious expression and national security is to run them through a big expensive machine that jets air up their skirts and does a chemical analysis - just in case they're fake terrorist nuns with bombs.

You can't be too careful.

Anyway, I got to watch 4 scandalized Spanish brides of Christ clutch their flying wimples and make their way through the machine.

The hills were alive with the sound of squealing nuns.

Think Marilyn Monroe with billowing skirt meets Mother Superior from the Sound of Music and you've got the full visual.

It was surreal.

Not to mention pretty sad that we need a $500,000 machine to check nuns for bombs.


  1. That's too funny! I hadn't really ever thought of that.

  2. LOL...Loved that. I've been through lots of security lines and one more coming up in April but I don't think I've ever been on a plane with nuns. Can't wait for that. :)

  3. That is an area I had not considered. I am always amazed at what great security we have for some things and then none for others. Hit or miss. Kinda like my housekeeping.

  4. Well, that technology was being tested at two of the last airports that I have been through and at both I was selected to undergo the sniff/blow, so I don't think it's a machine for nuns only:).
    There's an explanation on the TSA webside.

  5. I got blown by one of those machines too (due to an old address on my license). Thank goodness I wasn't wearing a skirt -- or a habit.

  6. I think an admission charge is in order! It could help defray the cost of the nun-blower.

  7. I would have checked them for free.

  8. That is one thing I would have never ever thought of - nuns and special ways to check them for bombs at airports. But I imagine how surreal the whole scene must have been.

  9. LOL. I am just imagining that! How funny!!

  10. Oh that is just hilarious! Flying nuns... almost! Guess we've just got to get into the 'habit' of suspecting everyone... unfortunately.

  11. When I forgot to take my laptop out of its case, I got put through the air puff contraption, too. Now I'm wondering if it was really that new x-ray machine they're using, the one that shows EVERYTHING. Those poor nuns.


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