March 20, 2009

Now, that's a little more like it...

The House actually passed a bill to tax AIG employee bonuses at 90%, which applies to anyone who got a bonus and earns more than $250K a year.
Putting aside my surprise that the House can actually agree on something quickly (328-93!), this news puts a spring in my step.
Should the President have known about this earlier and worked toward legislation that should have prevented the bonuses being paid in the first place?
Probably. Although do your people tell you everything you need to know?
Does this represent a dangerous precedent of random taxation to promote political will?
Absolutely. But except for the 'random' part, that's what government is supposed to do.
Is extreme taxation legislation a little bit scary for non-welfare folks, given the Democrat's general attitude of 'tax the rich and give to the poor?'
Well, yeah, kind of.
Is it possible that this entire fiasco was engineered as a political move to foster outrage and demonstrate action, or perhaps distract the American people from something more serious (like American tax dollars being used to shore up foreign banks)?
But today I don't care. It just feels good that someone finally got slapped on the wrist for fiscal irresponsibility and highway robbery.


  1. Just the word "taxation" gives me dysentery.

  2. I dont understand why people are so scared of these banks become national. We should be sitting on these boards making sure they are doing the right thing with our money Socialism is such a dirty word and can be sued to scare people away from monitering banks that are now running on the tax payers money

  3. I'm going to lean towards answer D.

    But more importantly hasn't anyone come up with a clever nickname or anacronym yet for this tax? I mean let's not half-a$& this thing, right?

  4. It's good to hear that you have an opinion. I was beginning to wonder...

  5. I just find it fascinating to sit back and listen to all the political pundits. Especially the people who are slamming Obama even though the exact same thing happened under Bush's watch.

    With that being said, I don't understand how, given the past, this wasn't carefully, carefully monitored!!

  6. can someone explain to me how you get a bonus for committing fraud? They get paid for earning money that was ill gotten in the first place WTF?

  7. That's what I need... "people". Then when things go awry, I can say, "It's my 'peoples' fault." Niiice.


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