March 14, 2009

Interesting statistics

Now, when I say 'interesting', I don't mean like the number of Chinese honor students (soon to be higher than total American students, I'm afraid) or the number of American universities that offer courses on how to use an iPhone (although Debbie might have that information).

Instead I'm talking about my own blog statistics, which is way more interesting.

If you use Google blogger, you should try Google Analytics. It's just chock full of information like:

How many hits I get a day - I average around 40;

What countries people visit my blog from - 26 countries;

What sites people link from - it varies;

And what my most popular posts are - for some reason Eat, Pray, Love is top of the charts right now.

But the most interesting information is the list of search criteria people used to find my blog, if they used a search engine. Looking at this list I realize that I've blogged on a variety of topics, from German husbands to dental surgery.

Here are just a few examples:

'Are German men good husbands?' - I wonder what she decided.

'My feet are the same German funny' - Thank you!

There were also 'Unreasonable fear of dentists' and 'Blood poisoning after gum graft' - It seems there's a viable blog niche for scary dentsts. What do you think, Maven?

'How to sew a witches hat' - Needless to say, this person bounced immediately, presumably to the blog of someone who can actually sew.

'Made to lick my wife’s feet' also didn't stick around long.

And finally, 'Indiscreet quotes "lobster"' - I wonder if this person found what they were looking for.

And you thought I wasn't paying attention.


  1. I use I love it. Surprisingly, I don't get any hits about the Snuggie, but I still get hits from that damn Beyonce song, Single Ladies, on a daily basis.

  2. I still think a good blog topic would be about what language(s) you speak at home with your husband and kids. Is it Germglish? Half German, half English...

  3. I love looking to see what kinds of searches people are doing that bring them to my blog. In the number 1 and number 2 spots? The two math problems I posted on my blog and then proceeded to write about, which leads me to believe lots of students are out there plugging in math homework problems, looking for answers. What amazes me is how they will type in the entire problem instead of focusing on key words. Actually, that amazes me with many of the searches, how people type in entire questions like, "How do you tell if your husband is cheating on you?" and then actually come to my blog, which so obviously is not going to supply the answer, to get the answer.

  4. Golly HPH, I'm at a loss on that one! Perhaps the Academy of General Dentistry should be asking your advice on SEO.

  5. I tried to download google analytics once. Everything on my blog changed (from black background to white, the banner, you name it). But the analytics didn't stick. Now I'm too afraid to try it again.

    And funny searches? Holy cow! I had no idea so many people were interested in "sex with fruit roll ups"!

  6. I don't use any, but I should. I'm just afraid I'd check it all the time!
    And I'll try to get those stats for you on the iPhone!


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