March 4, 2009

This blog's got lemonade

Is lemonade like cowbell?
But seriously, I was just sitting around feeling sorry for myself because instead of flying home to my boobies tonight I have to do a crazy planes, trains and automobiles journey for my grandma's 90th birthday. I love my grandma and enjoy hanging out with my family but I'm also very ready to be home and I have a LOT of STUFF to carry.
I also have lots of presents which the airlines will probably lose.
And then Naturelady awarded me the lemonade award for great attitude.
This is my very first blog award. I'm sure there will be many more but this one will always be special.
So I guess I'll skip the bitchfest and focus on the positive, which is:
I fly home Friday.
My boobies are fine.
Ralf has been wonderful this week.
I've had a good week.
I had a chance to spend time with most of my favorite people.
I have fantastic colleagues.
I got carded at Target.
What's a little schlepping two enormous heavy suitcases all by myself through 3 different airports compared with all that goodness?
Now the rules of engagement for the lemonade award dictate that I pass along the lemonade award to 5 other bloggers who also have great attitude.
This is very difficult because all the blogs I follow have great attitude so I may have to flip a coin or something.
And some of you have already been nominated so you're out of the running.
Anyway, here goes:
1. Charlotte: No contest. Charlotte has a great attitude about everything and it shines through in everything she writes.
2. Kristina: I love Kristina's blog and look forward to each posting. And I've finally decided after much reflection that she's not evil, just really, really funny.
3. Debbie: Debbie is also very funny and her insights about just about everything are well worth reading.
4. Emily: Emily is a role model for all of us the way she copes with three kids and various daily challenges with great humor and even greater humanity.
5. Ralf: Ralf is not a blogger but I think he deserves an award for his masterful single parenting this week. I hope the rest of my bloggie peeps don't mind making way for him just this once.


  1. You didn't nominate me... I am hurt and outraged. I consider myself an extremely positive person. Nothing gets me down. Except happy people. They suck.

  2. Hey HPH!!! Congrats on your Lemonade! Glad you're heading home to your boobies soon. Happy 90th to Granny!

  3. Crap! I thought that I had you fooled with my evilness! Guess not.

    Thanks! You are awesome!

  4. Bravo!
    And kudos for nominating Ralf -- he deserves it, if nothing else, for being a supportive "Blog-widower" (that's how my hubby sometimes refers to himself...)

  5. Congrats! Hope you had a fabulous time with your Grandma and wishing you safe travels back to your family!

  6. Let's hear it for Ralf!
    And thanks for thinking of me! You are so sweet and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know you:)

  7. Did my Dance Sucks blog post cost me a nomination? I guess I'll go eat my lemons instead of making lemonade! Have a happy journey home!

  8. Congrats on the award! And good luck with the luggage...

  9. I just spit out my juice b/c my DAD is 82.

  10. I just nominated you for an award on my latest post. Don't feel like you have to acknowledge it by perpetuating the whole thing... it does get tedious and turns a fun blogging hobby into "work". After completing my first award challenge, I never want to do another!


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